Zu Vergleichen von Reisezielen kann eine gewichtete Zielt/Lösung-Matrix hilfreich sein:

Skyscanner COVID-19 travel info
Human Development Report
Auswandern 2021 – Ziel-Länder für die Auswanderung
Land der Träume: Wo leben im Ruhestand?
Migration in Europa
Our World in Data

Go Nomad


rightboat 2023: Best Beaches in the World with the Most Natural Wonders

A global Look at Wealth and Happiness

visualcapitalist: A global Look at Wealth and Happiness

The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2022

International Living: The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2022

Interessante Dikussion zum Internationl Living ranking im Asean Now Forum:
Big Decision: Which Asian country is ideal for foreign retirees?

Maximale Aufenthaltsdauern ohne Rentnervisum. Für weitere Länder siehe
10 Easiest Countries To Retire To

finanzfluss: Wohin auswandern? – Ein Ländervergleich

The Best & Worst Places for Expats in 2022

KAYAK’s Work from Wherever Index 2022
„Using 22 different factors divided into six different categories like health and safety conditions, travel prices and social opportunities, the index gives clear insights into the countries that would be easiest for you to work from while having a lot of fun in your off hours.“

KAYAK’s Work from Wherever Index 2022

Seniors travelling on budget. GRANDPAcking is about a retired male, Shaun Richardson, spending 6+ years Flashpacking around the world in search of the best, affordable retirement locations.

Hier ein Länderkosten-Vergleich von Post Office. Aber nur Konsumkosten pro Tag (ohne Unterkunft).

  1. Bulgaria (Sunny Beach) £27.71
  2. Turkey (Marmaris) £37.19
  3. Portugal (Algarve) £44.13
  4. Bali (Indonesia) £55.01
  5. South Africa (Cape Town) £55.70
  6. Czech Republic (Prague) £57.39
  7. Spain (Costa del Sol) £57.96
  8. Vietnam (Hoi An) £58.39
  9. Sri Lanka (Colombo) £58.99
  10. Madeira (Funchal) £62.11

European Commission: The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor: 2019 Edition

NUMBEO Cost of Living (Comparison)

NUMBEO Quality of Life Index by Country

Time and Date

Time Zone Converter

Mercer 2021 Cost of Living City Ranking

The Earth Awaits

Cullture Trip: This Map Shows You Exactly When to Travel to Each Country

Weather & Climate

Weather Planner

Erdebeben Map

Quelle: fmglobal

Elevation Map

Wet Bulb Temperature
Scientific American: Heat and Humidity Are Already Reaching the Limits of Human Tolerance

Wet bulb Rechner

IQAir 2021 World Air Quality Report

IQAir 2021 Global PM2.5 Map

Air Pollution

Index of Economic Freedom


WeltRisikoBericht mit WeltRisikoIndex

Travel Risk Map (medical, security, mental health)

International SOS

Freedom House Expanding freedom and democracy

Freedom on the Net Ranking 2021

Hofstede Insights

Hofstede Insights Compare Countries

Focus: Ruhestand im Paradies: Das sind die zehn besten Orte für einen goldenen Lebensabend (auf Basis von Numbeo-Daten)